Keep the Hair Shaver Clean to Avoid Disease

Shaving hair is one of the efforts made to look neat and look clean. In addition to the proper use of a shaver, it is also important to consider the cleanliness factor of the shaver to avoid irritation and bacterial and fungal infections that can cause health problems. Shaving is a common way to remove unwanted hair on certain body parts such as head hair, hair around the face (mustache and beard), armpit hair, leg hair, to shave pubic hair. In addition to the salon or barber shop, some people choose to shave their own hair at home using shavers that are available in various shapes. Disease Due to Incorrect Hair Shaving Shaving risks making the layers of the skin hurt and allowing organisms, such as bacteria and fungi, to enter and infect the skin. Especially if the use of the shaver is not correct and cleanliness is not maintained properly, it will be vulnerable to cause several health problems, such as: Irritant contact dermatitis. Skin irritation from shaving, or also called
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